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Elephant by ylime-cxii Elephant :iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 20 5 Sketches by ylime-cxii Sketches :iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 17 6 Impressionist Mountain by ylime-cxii Impressionist Mountain :iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 33 6
The Damsal
WARNING: some blood, mentions of torture, foul language, kidnapping. If you can't hang in, there's the door baby!
You sat limply in the old wooden chair. The ropes that held you were frayed slightly from your attempts of escape. Your blood, still fresh, flowed through the cracks of the wood and down your body. Gashes littered your body, open and screaming. You body was in shock, it could hardly understand what was happening. Blood and saliva rolled over your cracked lips.
The Winchester boys were in front of you, being held against the cold metal wall by the demon who kidnapped you. You felt so stupid.
This all could have gone differently if you didn't fall for the demons tricks.
You stormed out of the bunker after another fight with your boyfriend Dean. You had both been fighting on and off for weeks on end. It would constantly be over tedious things like an attitude, words, actions, and especially hunts. His harsh words still rang t
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 53 9
Hetalia x Child! Venice! Reader - ch 7
WARNING: some foul language used that's really it....enjoy!
What happened last:
Germany growled in frustration, tried of just hanging back. "Small problem. We don't know where they are!" he shouted."Oh...yeah..." America pouted. "I have a solution." Austria said calmly, standing from his seat."We don't need your fucking help!!" Romano practically screamed. He bolted up from his seat and knocked over his large oak chair.Austria sighed. "I understand that in the past, I had done something unforgivable to Venice," he looked the Italian brothers dead in the eyes. "But now, I now, I have a way to redeem myself in a way. Please, I can help her."Romano was panting with rage. Italy came over and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Romano seated himself and growled low in the back of his throat. "Fine. Speak piano bastard."
CH 7
You had finally begun to relax as the driver sped down the streets. The 2p's had been silent for the entirety of the trip. You wer
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 364 142
Missing - England x Ghost! Reader
Missing - England x Ghost! Reader
~Please, please forgive me,
But I won't be home again.
Maybe someday you'll look up,
And, barely conscious, you'll say to no one:
"Isn't something missing?"~
Arthur Kirkland carried another heavy box into his new home. The Brit grunted in exhaustion as he set it down. He rose back up straight and stretched.
"Bloody hell," he groaned. Why must he have so much stuff he inwardly groaned. His younger brother Alfred had left a while ago to go eat. "That American is always hungry." So all the hard labor has fallen onto the misfortunate man.
----Time Skip----
After all the boxes were out truck and paced inside the large home, Arthur flopped upon his large desk chair with a loud sigh. He noticed something sparkle slightly from under the floor boards. He carefully removed the board to find a small necklace with a pendant attached. The pendant had a lovely gold outline and in the middle were beautiful red roses. Arthur placed in his desk drawer for safe keeping.
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 169 38
Supernatural Sam x Reader - Exhaustion
Supernatural Sam x Reader - Exhaustion
You yawned and stretched your stiff shoulders. You were on another busy hunt with the Winchester's and this on required far too much research for your liking.
You all stayed up for hours on end, trying to find out what you were all dealing with. A demon? A vengeful spirit?
You groaned in annoyance and opened another tab on Sam's laptop. Speaking of the moose, Sam strode into the room you resided in and leaned against the door frame.
"_______, it's 5am. Did you go to bed yet?" he asked in his I'm-concerned-for-your-health-and-safety voice.
You looked over at him with tired (e/c) eyes. Dark circles made themselves clearly present on your drooping face. "I don't need to sleep. There's something on the loose right now. If losing a few nights of sleep means that people can live to see a few more, then I'll take it." you yawned once more and turned your attention back to the bright screen in front of you.
You could hear Sam let out a long sigh and strol
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 233 16
Hetalia x Abused! Depressed! Maid! Reader - 15 FIN
-----1 year time skip-----
You zipped up your black pencil skirt and smoothed out any crumples that may have been present. Glancing at the body mirror in front of you, you smiled. Your scars had faded into light marks on your (s/c) skin. You had no more bruises, no more cuts, and your minor stab wound had healed nicely. Your mind had been cleared of all negative memories due to therapy, and merely gaining ignorance to the ugly truth.
After the fiasco with the 2p! Axis, you had grown up to say the least. You weren't the child you were at the age of 18. No longer in fear for your life, believing that every breath you took could be your last. Afraid to look anyone in the eye. Afraid of being hit for saying the wrong thing.
You were now a 19 year old (university or college) student studying to be a (profession of choice). Thanks to the 1p! countries getting your life back on track, they helped you get back into high school to finish up from your last year. Since you had no financial suppor
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 558 314
Hetalia x Abused! Depressed! Maid! Reader - Ch 14
In the last chapter:
Yes. You slapped him.
He looked at you with wide, shocked violet eyes.
"I'm not a toy Luciano. I am a human being and you will treat me as such." you said evenly. You thought for sure your voice would crack.
After a moment of shock, Luciano's face turned dark. Before you could react, he grabbed you by the neck and literally slammed your body into the wall. His leather clad hand wrapped around your throat so tightly you could see stars.
"Listen carefully, little girl," he started, his tone venomous. "I am stronger, faster and smarter than you will ever be. Do you really think you can beat me?" he glared at you. Your breaths came out in short, begging rasps.
"More than you will ever understand you *gasp* asshole!"
Luciano growled and smacked you clean across the face. "Shut. Up." He took one of his knifes out of his back pocket and dug it into the wal
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 309 238
Supernatural Dean x Reader - Green Eyed Monster
Warning: Some swearing, not too vulgar so you should be fine. Don't like? Don't read!
You, Sam, and Dean we're relaxing in a local bar after a long, strenuous hunt. Your shoulders felt as if they were locked in place and your knees ached. Drinking usually helped deal with the pain, but not today.
You and Dean were involved in a scuffle to say the least. You couldn't even remember what the argument was about.
So now you both sat on the red leather bar stools, Sam caught in the middle.
You poured your beer down your raw feeling throat. The liquid burning as it traveled. Just as you set the slippery, cold bottle down on the old coaster, a pair of dark eyes caught your attention from across the table. He was staring at you. He had short cropped hair and a wide grin spread across his face. He winked at you.
You blushed and smiled. It felt good to get noticed.
You watched as he ordered his drinks. But, your staring was cut short by Sam.
"_______? Y
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 328 47
Dean x Dead! Reader - Built for Blame
Supernatural - Dean x Dead! Reader - Built for Blame
~Eyes can only see what they want
When they’re open minded to the thought
Of getting hurt again beating to the bone
With the thought of all your worst events
Is that you just look don’t touch
Oh you think you know
It’s exactly what you want for love
Your heart without a key and just a lock to bleed
This wreck you’ve made it’s all you’ll need~
Dean Winchester sat on the musty motel bed, head in his hands. Sobs racked through his body.
It had only been the second day since you left him. Left the world.
And it was all his fault.
You, him and Sam went on a hunt. It was supposed to be a simple salt and burn, but they never really are, are they? You all seemed to be winning against the ghost. It had been terrorizing the town, taking down anything it felt like. You had been so excited to take it
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 170 33
Supernatural Dean x Reader - I quit
Supernatural x reader - I quit
"I'm so sick of you!" You shouted at the older Winchester. You and Dean had been fighting on and off for nearly two weeks now. Whether it was about your hunting styles, your tone of voice, people at the bars you went to. Now he wanted you to stop hunting completely! It wasn't like Dean would let you hunt a lot. Dean only taught you how to use a gun in case he ever had to leave for a hunt. Sam watched in silence as you both fought. Castiel didn't like fighting so he would pop out of the room.
You stormed out of the dingy motel kitchen and towards the bed that you and Dean shared. Grabbing you few items and headed towards the front door.
"Where the fuck are you going?!" Dean shouted, grabbing your wrist and spinning you around to face him.
"I quit!" you yelled.
Dean blinked in shock. "What?"
"I said I quit! I'm tired of figh
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 363 22
Supernatural Dean x Reader - Spiders
WARNING: Foul language ahead. Don't like? Don't read!
A high pitched scream flooded throughout Bobby's home.
Dean Winchester wasted no time in grabbing his pistol and running up the old creaking stairs. He kicked open the closed door to your room. Since Sam and Bobby were out today finishing up a hunt, Bobby had put him in charge of keeping you safe. Not like he never would, you were his girlfriend after all.
"_______?" he shouted. He didn't notice you until the pale blue covers on your bed shifted and a small whimpered escaped your lips. He carefully lifted the covers to see you. Small tears rolling down your cheeks. You said nothing and pointed to the bathroom. Dean nodded and quietly prowled over to the room. He slipped inside the small bathroom only to find nothing there. No demon, no ghost, no curious Cas.
"________, there's nothing in here babe." Dean said, his tone exasperated.
You looked at him shocked. "Did the fucker disappear already
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 453 71
Hetalia x Abused! Depressed! Maid! Reader - p13
Your (e/c) eyes fluttered open. Your body felt as if it were made of led. You could tell you were resting on a expensive mattress. Just by the way your body melted into it. The room wall were a deep red with black, brown hard wood floors. The bedding was a rich red. In the comforter squares were small gold swirls. Your head was surrounded by red and black satin pillows.
The events of the previous evening played like a movie in your mind. You nearly threw up again.
You grumbled. Why did you take this? Why couldn't you stand up for yourself?
The answer was simple.
You didn't want to.
For nearly your entire life, you have been pushed around by those bigger than you. Being told how small you are, how useless; but were you really. What if all of those people were wrong?
Was being hurt what you truly wanted?
It wasn't. You didn't have to take this. Who said you can't stand
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 438 222
Pirate! England x Modern! Reader - Memory
Pirate! England x Modern! Reader
"Where am I?" you groaned, the scent of sea water invading your nostrils.
You laid on what appeared to be a beach in the middle of nowhere. "How the hell did I get here?!" you half yelled half whispered out loud. Then you remembered.
------- Flash Back----------
You and your best friend Arthur Kirkland were goofing around in his basement. Well, you were doing most of the goofing.
You already new that Arthur was a country, England to be exact. You teased him sometimes about being old, but not enough to hurt his feelings.
Arthur's basement looked like a wizards layer. He had potions, spell books and wands. He wore a long black cloak around his thin shoulders. He was showing you how to create small balls of light, but you weren't paying much attention. You were leaning your elbow against the cluttered wooden desk and began to close your
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 769 132
Duck by ylime-cxii Duck :iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 14 6
Some stuff :iconohjoyplz: I hope you like them


Her Father Is A Beast
I sent my child out to school today
With cuts up the length of her arm
Knowing that the teachers will just say
She doesn't seem the type to self harm
I just hope today isn't the day
For physical education class
I’ll give her a note to be excused
But how long can these excuses last?
Such a happy girl, always smiling
Or so they’re lead to believe at least
Such a happy girl, always smiling
They don’t know her father is a beast
I sent my wife out to work today
With the remnants of a bloody nose
And bruises to her upper arms
That I was hoping would not show
I will buy her a long sleeved shirt
As a gift to apologise
Tell her I’ll never do it again
When we both know that is a lie
Such a happy girl, always smiling
Or so they’re lead to believe at least
Such a happy girl always smiling
They don’t know her husbands a beast
I stayed in bed at home today
Cried into my pillow of shame
The aching of my severed knuckles
The only real physical pain
But the anguish t
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 157 67
Pirate!England X Crossdressing!Reader Part 8
You were speechless. All your life you had believed your mother was this incredibly strong pirate. A legacy that you had wished to continue once you had learned of her demise. Arthur's green eyes watch you carefully as you sit there in silence, processing the information he had given you. Eyes now littered with sadness and worry. You couldn't find the words to describe what you were feeling at the moment. Betrayed? Maybe. Heartbroken? Definitely that. How could you continue to wish to follow in your mother's footsteps, knowing now that she had caused something so horrible to befall someone she had called her friend.
"Love?" Arthur's voice broke you from your thoughts. Your glassy (e/c) eyes met his one again, though this time yours were the ones that were dull and lifeless. "Your mother was a good woman. Her judgement was just clouded by desperation. Everything she did was to save your father." He says sensing your new emotional conflict. You shake your head, your (h/c) tresses moving
:iconchibiargentine:ChibiArgentine 114 37
Eye Color Pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS Eye Color Pencil Drawing :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 1,256 80
Pirate!England x Gifted!Reader Part 8
Your POV
     Every time you took a step the wooden floor boards underneath you creaked of over usage, causing you to wince. Not that it hurt your bare feet or anything, just that it was so loud you just might get caught. You made your way down the hall as quietly as you could. Every open door you passed was empty so you just walked on by, but out of cautiousness you didn't open any closed doors.
     Your head whipped around at the sound of another's footsteps behind you. Your eyes widened, your heartbeat increasing every second adrenalin shot through your veins.  Quickly, and quietly, you scurried down the rest of the hall. You turned the corner and dove into the first room you saw, which happened to be a closet full of cleaning supplies. None the less, you closed the door until only an inch of space was left. Upon hearing the sounds coming closer, you held you
:iconsnowkitsunexd:SnowKitsuneXD 193 103
Dean X Reader: Mark of Cain (One-Shot!)
Dean X Reader: Mark of Cain (One-Shot!)
The Bunker
    You hummed quietly roaming the bunker reading a book, Sam was sitting down at the table trying his best to stay awake. It had been hours since Dean had come back from getting dinner, all of a sudden Dean burst into the bunker growling angrily.
    You didn’t happen to notice Dean and you just walked toward yours and Dean’s room, you and Dean had been dating for quite a while now, you had met while Sam and Dean were on a hunt.
    Sam and Dean saved your life and owed them a great debt for that.
    Dean through a paper bag on the table and walked around the bunker trying to find you, Dean burst into his room and saw you reading a book.
    “Where were you? It took you almost three in a half hours” You looked up at Dean.
    Dean grabbed your book and through it aside.
:iconmind-wolf:Mind-Wolf 70 2
MY NAME IS LEGION by Fealasy MY NAME IS LEGION :iconfealasy:Fealasy 804 41 Black Widow WIP by Quelchii Black Widow WIP :iconquelchii:Quelchii 228 107 Master with glasses by aenaluck Master with glasses :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 1,774 94 Lost lights by KPEKEP Lost lights :iconkpekep:KPEKEP 1,423 164 Pigeons by takmaj Pigeons :icontakmaj:takmaj 2,968 347
Pirate! Spain x Reader x Pirate! England: Ch.1
Pirate! Spain x Reader x Pirate! England: The Soft Spot Within My Heart Ch.1

           Your land was in ruins, people were screaming and running around pointlessly, flames had swallowed many houses, including your most of your friend's. You heard children crying, women begging for mercy, but you could not help. You had already tried your best and brought most of the homeless children and women to your orphanage, but there was too much needed to be save, and you alone could not lend a helping hand to all. You blamed yourself for being weak, and prayed to God silently, hoping those  pirates raiding your land would leave as soon as possible.
           A small hand reached out for yours, and you found it belonged to one of the children at your orphanage. You knelt down and wiped her dirty little face clean with your apron. She giggled, and you managed to squeeze out a smile. Those little angels at the orphanage alwa
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 42 5
Mature content
To Make a Pirate smile Spain X Reader :iconrogueskylar:rogueskylar 110 61
Dean X-Reader - Stargazing
     When he gets angry or upset in general, Dean likes to go for a drive. Some people listen to music or read a book to calm down, but Dean likes to go tearing around the countryside. He won’t admit it, but he also likes having company on these little cooling sessions. Maybe he won’t talk; he just likes having someone there.
    For the past ten minutes you’ve been sitting in the passenger seat of the Impala, knowing he’s about to come storming out of the bunker any second, keys in hand. Today the reason for his mood is his ever present sense of failure. It hadn’t started out so bad this morning, but throughout the day little things have just been happening, small things that have been just enough to push him over the edge.
    Sure enough, the driver side door opens and shuts rather violently. Wordlessly, the elder Winchester sticks the keys in the ignition and starts the car before pulling onto the road, just
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 43 3
Pirate England X Reader Part 10
~~Your P.O.V.~~
I was able to spend the entire day with Romano. I missed him so much and I was happy to hear he missed me as well. I don't know how we got to spend the day together without the two captains going at each others' throats.
That was a lie. It went something like this.
~~Mini Flashback~~
Romano held Antonio back as I held back Arthur. Both men snarling like wild animals. Well, I suppose that is what they are.
"Arthur Kirkland stop it!" I glared as I continued to shove him back.
"Lass, ye know 'ow I am with this arse!" He spat out.
I struggled to hold him back. 'Fuck.. I'll never be able to be with Romano without these two trying to kill each other..' I thought. Then it hit me. Sticking out my lip, I began battering my eyes in a slight way as I forced tears to form in the corner of my eyes.
"Arthur..." I whispered, "Please, for me?" I gently clung onto his red coat. He looked down at him. It was easy to noticed how he was struggling to keep his rough gaze.
A sigh escaped him
:iconespeon10:espeon10 15 3
Pirate England x Blind!Reader Oneshot
"Extra! Extra! The Midnight Rider strikes again!" The shrill voices of the paperboys rang throughout the town. Captain Arthur Kirkland growled as he slammed his mug onto the counter of the bar, narrowing his emerald eyes in distaste. He was no longer in the spotlight as the most feared felon in the British Empire. A thief known as the 'Midnight Rider' had been raiding both pirate treasure and noble treasure alike.
No one saw their face because the Rider wears a black mask across their eyes that was elegant enough to be used in a masquerade and they wore a black hooded cloak that covered them from head to toe. They moved within the cover of shadows, using clever tactics to take the treasure within a blink in of an eye. The thing that infuriated police and amused the citizens in a way was the way that the Rider taunted the police by giving chase but it would always end up getting away on a horse.
One would think that it would be easy to catch the thief because it was rumoured that they r
:icontealhikari:TealHikari 439 85
Mature content
Pirate!England X Reader LEMON :iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 442 160
:w00t!: Awesome Stuff :w00t!:

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Hello my lovely watchers!

I have a confession to make. I am still in school.

YES! I decided to take grade 11 english to get ahead for next year and I have class from 8:00am - 1:30pm everyday. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! I am also working with the summer camps that are run through our town from 2:30pm - 6:00pm. And on top of all this I still have homework.     


I promise I am working on the series that I have out currently and am working on a new series for spn, hetalia one shots and series, and even a assassin's creed x reader

School finishes in another week or so, so please bear with me

Remember I love you all! Thank you and see you all next time!

- Ylime-cxii <3
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