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A/N: cussing, sad stuff dont like dont read

The next week, Alfred dragged you from your home and back to school. But, not before helping you heal yourself.

-----Flash Back------

A loud knock assulted your door.

"Good Morning _______! It's time to get up!"

You groaned. "Go home Jones!" you shouted back.

He laughed and kicked open your door and waltzed into your bedroom. He lift you up in his arms and kissed your forehead. "There is no time for that now ______! We have a big week planned before you go back to school!"

Your (e/c) snapped open. "What?! I'm not going back there!" you yelled thrashing in his arms. He was unaffected and continued.

"First and for most, I'm going to help you getting your eating habits back on track and but you some *bio oil for your scars."

You scowled and looked away. "Why are you doing this?"

Alfred smiled and kissed you softly. You watched his eyes flutter closed as he pressed his lips harder to your. He pulled away and stared dreamily into your eyes. "Because I love you!" he smiled wide as he watched you blush a light pink.

Alfred let you to go get changed, mentioning something about "grabbing some McD's". You wandered into the bathroom and rummaged around for your diet pills only to find they had been replaced with candy. You growled.


You could hear Alfred laugh. "You never needed them so I threw them away!"

You growled in annoyance and felt extremely stressed and self conscience. You went under your sink and searched for your razor blade. It was replaced with a children's play knife. No edge at all.

"GOD DAMN IT JONES!" you shouted while he laughed.

He strolled into the bathroom and hugged you from behind. "You are too beautiful to hurt yourself." He nuzzled into your neck and kissed it softly. "Now c'mon. We have food to eat and eyebrows to see!"

"What do you mean by 'eyebrows'?"

"Arthur! He's been worried about you too." he smiled.

You looked at him dumbfounded. Arthur was worried? seriously? Yes, you two could be considered 'friends' but really.

-------McDonalds Time Skip------

After pigging out on many burgers, Alfred drove you over to Arthurs house. When we got there, Arthur was sitting on his Victorian style porch. He looked up and his green eyes widened. He set down his cup and rushed over to Alfred red volvo. As soon as you got out, he engulfed you in a hug.

"_______, I was so worried about you! I tried calling and going over but you never answered." you shyly wrapped your arms around him. "I'm so sorry I didn't do something sooner." he whispered holding you tighter.

You held back tears and let him hold you. You didn't notice Alfred glaring at Arthur.
The Brit kissed your forehead. "I hope you're feeling better now, love."

You smiled a little. "Thank you..."

---Flash Back End-----
You and Alfred walked down the crowded school hallway. Even after all your attempts to push his arm off of your shoulders, it still found its way around you.

Everyone gave you both strange looks. Including your teachers. You both walked into class and Alfred sat right beside you.

That teacher from last week walked into the room. He saw you and snarled. You don't know why he hated you so much. You were a straight A student and tried not to cause any trouble.

"What are you doing back?" he growled.

You stared at your black shoes.

"Leave her alone you old hack." Alfred spat. The teacher glared at him.

"How dare you talk to me like that Alfred Jones!"

"How dare you take to my girlfriend like that is a better question!" everyone in the room including you gasped. Girlfriend?

The teacher was flabbergasted. "Get out of my classroom! Both of you!" he shouted.

Alfred glared at him and pulled you by your hand out the door, ignoring all the whispered that followed.

---Time Skip-----

Alfred didn't leave your side all day. He griped out anyone who looked at you strangely, and snapped at his friends when they questioned your relationship.

You were currently waiting outside the boys locker room for Alfred so he could get his things from practise. You held your (book of choice) close to your face as you read.

Suddenly it was ripped out of your hands. "Hey!" you complained. You looked up to see the biggest bully in the entire school. (Random Bitch Name) and her gang.

"What the hell are you doing out here you little slut!" (R/B/N) shrieked. You looked at her boredly, unable to take her crap anymore.

"I'm waiting, and I was doing so in peace until you interrupted me. Please leave."

She huffed. "You think you're so hot now that your dating Alfred."

You rolled your eyes at her. "Not really, I'm still the same person."

"So you admit you're a loser!"

"Are fucking deaf?" you asked eerily calm. "The only people around here who call me that are you guys, and I'm fucking tired of it! You are all really stupid aren't you! Fucking whores." they all pulled down them hems of their frilly pink skirts.

"W-whatever! You're still a freak!"

"Says the bitch who's dressed like a pink toilet brush." you sneered. "I'm done with you treating me like crap all the time. I done with it!" you stormed down the hall.

"Where do you think you're going?!" (R/B/N) shouted.

Glared at her then smirked. "Anywhere your fake nose isn't!" and you walked out. Like a badass.

-----Time Skip-------

"_______!" Alfred called you. He huffed as he finally reached you. He heard you fighting with the girls and watched you leave. So on instinct, he followed you.

He grabbed your arm and spun you to face him. He pulled your face to his and pressed his lips to yours. His soft lips melted against yours. He pulled away and held you close.

"_______, I love you. I think, no, I KNOW you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I know I have been the biggest hoser on the planet for a long time but I still love you. You're kind and caring. Smart and funny. And your smile is so beautiful it's contagious. Please, I need to know. Do you love me too?"

You stared up to him. Your big (e/c) eyes shone bright and glistened with tears. He had done so much for you in this past week. He told off his friends for you, stayed with you, held your hand in front of others and he let you cry on his shoulder when you were sad.

You let your arms wrap around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. He smiled into it and held you tighter. For once, you kissed him back. Your lips moved in sync with each others. When you finally broke the kiss you stared into his baby blue eyes.

"Alfred F Jones, you are probably the biggest asshole I have ever met." His face fell. "You tormented me for so many years that I nearly killed myself." He looked on the verge of tears. "But, you were also the only one to really try to help me, get to know me and heal my scars. I can never forget all those terrible years, but I sure can ignore them for the good ones." you took his face in your hands. HIs grip around your waist tightened. "Alfred F Jones, I believe I'm in love with you."

He smiled so wide you thought it might get stuck like that. Alfred lifted you off your feet and spun you in a circle while smashing his lips to yours.

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free
UGGGGH this took me forever to do. I got another job so I'm like everywhere right now. So much to do! Thank you all for requesting a sequel! so awesome of you sorry if its not as good!

If you follow my hetalia x child! Venice! Reader the second part will be up this week

i own nothing but the plot line
:iconsexyamerica2plz: owns you!

thanks again!
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Ahhh, retards. Can't understand why they bother going to school. And I DEFINITELY do not mean any of you. I mean people like the girl who said I was ruining her life after i apologized for accidentally stepping on her backpack. I want to murder her. BRUTALLY. And I'm talking the most brutal way possible. So brutal, it can't be written here. Of course that shouldn't be a threat to you guys. Don't worry about me! Let me sit in the corner, slowly losing my sanity like 2p England.
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I still have my sanity. It's going away slowly because of people like the girl you mentioned. I think the people at my school are worse. Last year some guy PURPOSELY brought prescription pills and gave them to other kids who would actually take them. The police had to come in and he was expelled but he's back now. Not to mention unlike last year there was a a gas leak this year so we had to go to the other part of the building that is safer. I go to a school that has three different schools in one building.
Prussia22 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015
I would be pissed off at her
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The worst my anger has ever gone to is yelling and pinching though. The only way to make me end up punching someone is if you hit me too much. Besides, at my school, in my opinion, if you make me, the girl who actually likes being friends with people and is normally happy and doesn't want violence, get angry and not like you at all, then you're done for. I'm considered a creepy freaky loser here. Good thing is people still like being my friends. Making the loser of a school hate you means bad news. At least nowadays though.
InSaNe-DrAwInGs Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My life is ok I guess I have a little group of friends but the popular plp talk behind other plus back so they think I'm fat so I'm anorexic for that so I weigh at least 70 pounds 4 a 15 year old i somtime 2 the point I get angry i ethier kick the person in da balls if it's a boy of punh some1 in da boobs 4 girl or boy
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This was a good story and kind of reminds me of humans at my school because I'm the "Fake anorexic freak" ( I'm not even anorexic if anything I eat to much.... I just don't gain weight correctly ) and "Emo attention whore" and have nearly killed myself 

But guess who stood up for herself by just screaming "FUCK YOU ALL IM A FAB BITCH AND YOU ARE WANNABES" and then someone tried to kill me :\ AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY I HATE HUMANS
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