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A/N: WARNING this is sad and since i made it so long earlier i split it up into 2 parts this is part 1!

Hetalia x Maid! Depressed! Abused! Reader

The Grass is Always Greener

-----Flash Back-------

Another blow to the stomach and you were down.

"Maybe that will teach you to do as your told." your uncle hissed as he slammed the door to your dark room.

You slowly and painfully picked yourself up from the cool wooden floor and choked out a sob.
Sadly, this was your daily routine.

Ever since your parents died in a fire when you were 4, you have been living with your drunken uncle. Whenever he drank, he would hit you. Whenever he was sober, he screamed at you.
You couldn't win.

A few years ago, you were forced to drop out of school because your Uncle refused to pay. You tried getting many jobs but they never really paid much. So, when you were scanning through your newspaper yesterday, you found an add.
"UNITED NATIONS MAID WANTED" this interested you. And the pay was more than all your previous jobs combined. So you quickly dialled the numbered.

----Flash Back End-----

And so, that is how you got here. You were hired on the spot for this job and started the next day.

You were a maid before a an older family but they eventually didn't need you anymore and dropped you.

You walked up the stairs of the large building, pulling down your uniform sleeves to hide the cuts and bruises from this morning and last night. Your Uncle never had any idea you ever had any jobs. He would only take all your money and use it on booze.

The large door creaked open and you walked into a pale blue and grey office.

You opened the heavy metal door and were greeted with glares. You quickly moved in and practically ran to the front desk.

"Can I help you?" asked a nazly voice from behind the counter.

"Y-yes. My name is _____ _______. I'm the new maid." You said playing with the hem of you short back uniform skirt. The receptionist rolled her makeup coated eyes and handed you a name tag.

"Go and see the head maid. She'll tell you what to do." she said waving her hand.

You nodded and stumbled into another room.

"So you're the new maid? Pathetic." a voice sneered.

You looked up to see a tall, elderly women with brown hair tied back in a tight bun. She was wearing the same uniform as yours, a short black dress with a white apron and long socks.  "My name is Portia (sorry if there is anyone named Portia reading this). I am the head maid here at the United Nations building. Now, you will be catering to the personifications of country's. Remember, they are better then you in every way."

You looked at her in shock. They were country's?!

"You are never allowed to address them as anything but Master. If I find out anything otherwise, you will be punished, do I make myself clear?"

You quickly nodded."Yes Miss. Portia."

"Don't call me that," she snapped furiously. "I am too far above you. You will address me and all the other ladies here as Mistress. Now, try again."

"Y-yes Mistress."

Portia smirked. "Good girl. Now go get started!" she shouted while shoving you out of the room.

---Time Skip-----

After getting yelled at and acquainted with all the other maids, you current task was bringing tea into the meeting room. You carried the tray down the long hallway only to be welcomed by yelling.

"Shut up you bloody wanker!"

"Stupid tomato Bastard!"


"Western Nations are so immature."



"Become one with mother Russia da?"

What the hell?

You sighed and walked into the meeting room. You walked in and toward the table, or attempted to at least. As you were going towards it, one of the country's knocked into you, causing the tray of scolding tea to spill all over you and fall. You winced and all the fighting immediately stopped.

"Ve~ Caio bella!" sang a man with reddish brown hair and a curl sticking out of his head.

"Oh no! I'm terribly sorry love." you looked up to see a handsome man with blonde messy hair, green eyes and bushy eyebrows. He offered out a hand to help you but you quickly stood up.

"No, no! I-it was my fault." you said bowing. "I'm very sorry masters."

They all stared at you. You went back on your knees and started picking up the broken pieces of the tea cups.

"Let me help you dude!" shouted a very loud blonde. He had blue eyes and wire rimmed glasses. You hastily shook your head as you went faster.

"It is not my place to ask of help from my superiors." you finished up cleaning up the glass, cutting you hands in some places.

"______!" you heard your name being called. You quickly turned around and were grabbed from the back of your collar. Portia stood you up straight. She whispered rapidly in your ear. "This is your first day and you are making a mess of things." she hissed. "Finish up in here and report back to my office for punishment."

Your face visibly paled.

"Please continue with the meeting master Germany. I apologize for our rookies behaviour." she said with a fake smile.

"Zhat is alright. No harm done." he said with a sigh. As soon as Portia left, you felt some color return to your face.

"Hey frau!" shouted a German accented voice. You looked up to see a white haired man. He wore a smirked on his lips and joy in his red eyes. "I am zhe awesome nation of Prussia! Zhe stick in zhe mud is mien younger bruder Germany." he pointed over to the man at the front of the room. He had blonde hair that was nicely slicked back.

You nodded. "It is nice to meet you Master." you said rising and attempting a curtsy. "I apologize for interrupting the meeting." You left without another word.

---Country P.O.V-----

All eyes were glued to you as you left the room.

"Well, that was strange." England said his bushy eyebrows furrowing.

"Do you think she is okay aru?" asked China.

Everyone thought for a minute. They felt bad about getting you in trouble.

"What's the chica's name again?" asked Spain leaning against Romano's shoulder. The brunette scowled and pushed the Spaniard off his shoulder.

"She didn't say it."

"But didn't she seem rather off?" asked France coming into view.

"Ja, but we must finish up zhe meeting before anyzhing else." said Germany bringing everyone's attention back to him.

---Time Skip------

Your POV

After your punishment of getting your wrist slapped with a belt, you were back to work. You began to dust off shelves when a loud voice boomed through the hallway.

"All I'm saying Britain dude is that no one can actually eat your food without getting sick!"

"Shut it you wanker! You ate it when you were a child!"

America shuddered. "Bro, don't remind me."

You sighed and continued your work.

"Hey! You're the maid from earlier! How are ya feeling bra?" asked America walking over to you. England sighed and followed in suit.

You looked at him with dull (e/c) eyes. "I am alright Master. I must apologize again." you said bowing but America stopped you.

"You don't need to apologize bro! It was Iggy's fault!"

The English country growled. "It is true love. What is your name?"

"_-______ ______" You said calmly and went back to cleaning.

"Well, my name is America! And the guy with the giant ass brows is Britain."

Britain sighed. "It's nice to meet you love."

'Was it really?' you thought sadly. "It is nice to meet you too Masters." You said with a slight bow.

"No need to be so formal love. Please call us by our country names."

You shook your head. "It is not my place. I must address my superiors formally at all times." you said sadly. The two looked at you. The pain and sadness that contorted your face was heart breaking.

"Are you okay-"

"_______! You are done for the day! Go home!" shouted Portia, unaware of the country's presence.

Ugh. Home. If you could even call it that.

Sighing sadly, you stood. "Good night Masters." you quickly walked off into the change rooms.

You left the two, standing in shock.

"She is not okay." America said seriously, which was very unusual for him.

"I agree." said England. They both longed to wrap their arms around your small frame and tell you how everything was going to be fine, that nothing could ever hurt you again.

But they both knew, they could do nothing but watch.

---Time Skip-----

You reach home by almost 10:00pm. Not thinking your uncle was home, you walked in through the front door.

Biggest mistake ever.

You ducked as a full beer bottle was whipped your way.

"Where the fuck were you?!" he screamed grabbing a handful of your hair. "Answer me!" he slammed your head into the wall making your vision double.

"I was out and-"

"Stop fucking lying to me!" he shouted punching your face. "You were out selling yourself weren't you!?  You fucking whore!" he snarled hitting you harder.

"No! I promise!"

"SHUT UP!" He shouted smashing a full bottle of beer across your skull. You felt yourself fading in and out of consciousness. Before you could even process what was going on, you feet had already begun to pick up speed as you raced out of the hell house. "RUN BITCH RUN! YOU'LL BE BACK!" your uncle shouted at you and throwing various things your way.

He was right. You always came back.

Not knowing how far you ran or for how long, you felt your body go weak and you tumbled to the ground. The cold pavement felt good against your bruised and bloodied body.

'So, this is how I will end huh?'  you thought dryly.  You opened your eyes to your surroundings. You were in an ally way. Graffiti littered the brick walls.

'Why can't I just die?'
This is called: The Grass is Always Greener, but i could fit it in the title box :iconwhyyplz:7
anyways i hope you enjoy reading it! the next part will be up soonish :D
i own nothing but the plot line!

PART 2 [link]
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SakuraNekoBlaze: Thank you for saying that. We all sit here on our phones/computers/iPads to read this kind of stuff, and enjoy it even if it breaks our hearts, while some people are treated this way. I feel so bad now ;-; But I guess that's why we have to be grateful.
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it sounds so weird when reader-Chan says "master"
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i have been seeing this everywhere for searches on hetalia [characters] x depressed reader, or just reader in general. I thought it would be strange, so i never read it. but here i am, bored, search a x reader, and this first one in the series pops up. i decided, ill give it a try.
i have to say,
this was pretty good. :D
i'm going to read the rest right now~!
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