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May 5, 2013
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That night, Sealand laid by your side as you had your scared arms wrapped around him. Too afraid to sleep alone.

You rolled out of bed and shuffled your way down the stairs into the kitchen where talking could be heard. You timidly peeked inside to see the Nordic's.

"Well, she seemed better." Norway said while sipping tea.
"True, maybe physically, but I'm worried about mentally." Finland sighed.

Sweden came towards him and wrapped an arm  around his waist. Denmark glanced over to where you were standing and bolted out of his seat. "________!"  Everyone looked over to your shaking form.

"G-good morning..." you say softly. The looks of worry begin to soften.

"Good morning sweetie." Finland said leading you over to a seat. Iceland stood and offered you his chair. You smiled and happily took it. Saying a shy thank you. Iceland stayed standing.

The room was engulfed in silence until you spoke up. "I'm sorry."

They all stare. "For what? You've been in bed." says Denmark edging closer to you.

"That's exactly it," you say sadly. "I have done nothing to thank you guys."

"Sweetie! There's no need to do anything for us." Finland said resting a hand on your head. You look up at him with broken eyes.

"I was raised much different than you. I learned that if someone tries to help you, you apologize for having such little pride, then leave. My problem is I've been here past my welcome."

You stood and walked over to the door. "I have over stayed my time. I'll leave you all be." The Nordic's stood in shock.

"We don't want you to leave!" Denmark shouted, causing you to stop. His outburst startled the others.

"The Dane is right. You are a nice presents to have around." - Norway

"I love having you here! You so friendly and good with Sealand!" - Finland

"Mhm." - Sweden

"I like you more than most people here." - Iceland

Just as you were about to say no, Sealand barrelled down the stairs and latched onto your legs, causing you to fall over, luckily Norway caught you in a flash.

"Don't go ______! I like having you here!" Pease stay love! Please!" his big blue eyes filled with tears. You smiled kindly and picked him up, holding him to your chest.

"O-okay, I guess I'll stay." They all smiled and hugged you.

"Welcome to the family."

------TIME SKIP------

It has been many weeks since you had lived with the Nordic's. You have been healing very well if not completely.

You have also had many visitors. The BTT, the Allies and the Axis have all come to see you at some point. That made you feel good.

While the BTT were over, they taught you some fighting techniques.

-----FLASH BACK------

"Right! Left! Right! Left! You got it _______!" Prussia says while fist pumping. You had just finished completely destroying a punching bag with your fists.

"Remember chica," Spain says wrapping an arm around your shoulder. "If an opponent is bigger than you, you hit in this order: between the eyes, throat, gut and uh, below the belt for good measure." you chuckled.

You decided to put your fighting skills to the test. France came up behind you and grabbed your shoulders. You froze in place and went into armadillo mode. He sighed.

You still couldn't stop thinking about your uncle hurting you.

France crouched next to you and rubbed small circles in your back. "Do not worry ma petie fluer. He cannot hurt you anymore." you sniffled and stood, ready to try again.

Prussia came over to you. "If worse comes to worse..." he slipped a small knife in your hands. You gasped. "You know what to do."

------END OF FLASH BACK---------

Today you went for a walk with Sealand to the local park. You two were having a great time, but it was getting late so you were going to head home.

Until they came.

There were five drunken men coming towards you and began calling you out. You brushed it off and merely walked faster. One of them came up to you and grabbed you shoulder. He spun you around to face him.

The man's face was covered in stubble and his head in a messy mop of dark hair. "Where do you think yer going lass?" he slurred, you could smell the alcohol off his breath.

"Stay away from me." you managed, trying not to let fear get the better off you.

"That ain't nice to say lass," he said emerging closer to you.

"Leave her alone!" shouted Sealand coming over and kicking the man's shin. He growled in pain.

"Ye fuking little brat!" he sneered throwing a fist toward Sealand.

You don't know what came over you, but something just snapped.

You caught the man's rough fist and snapped it back. "Sealand, run."

"But ______-"

"RUN!" you, causing him to flinch but obeyed. You quickly kicked the man's gut , sending him to the floor. The others soon came at you. They threw punches at you fast, but you were faster. It wasn't until one of them flicked out a blade, that everything slowed.

"Now lassie, be a good girl and come with us, or you will get hurt," the one holding the knife grinned. "And I'd hate to break such a pretty face."

You wouldn't budge. The man snarled and came at you full force. You almost dodged the blade but it snagged your arm. As you gasped in pain, one sent you to the cement. The dark haired man looked down at you and grinned, while whipping away some of the blood from his split lip. He drove a heavy boot against your ribs, causing you to cry out in pain.

"Oi!" a loud Scottish voice called. You all turned your heads to see 5 men and Sealand. The front one had a messy of fiery hair on his head and bright, dangerous green eyes. He had a cigar hanging from his mouth.

The two beside him were identical. Green eyes and orangey red locks. On the Scotsman's other side were two more men. One with very pale orange hair, and the other you recognized to be Britain. They all had huge eyebrows.

Sealand clung to the fiery man's leg in fear.

"I suggest ye leave the lass alone before we need to be causing a scene." snarled the ginger.

The other men had fear spread across their faces but didn't back down. "Oh yeah? So ye wouldn't like If I did this?" the man smirked and slammed his foot on you again and grinding it. You screamed, everyone hearing the sicken snap of broken bone.

The 5 were on the men in seconds. You watched in horror as they fought it out.

"______!" Sealand cried running towards you. He wrapped his arms around you and cried.

"Who are these people Sealand?"

He sniffled and looked at them proudly. "They are my brothers!"

Soooooo sorry this is late! But it's hear now! whoooooo!
You have now met da kirklands :3
I own nothing but the plot line!

Also, you must all go and check out this awesome Kpop band I found! They are called Block B.
So sexy XD //shot. Here's a link to what I belive is their latest song :D
P.S Ukwon is mine ;)
(I dont own him either)

NEXT PART! [link]
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"They all had big eyebrows"
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