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March 27, 2013
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Hetalia  x Child! Venice! Reader

You were wandering the cold streets of Rome. You had no idea how you got there, where to go or what to do. As a toddler, you were mortified.

As you stumbled around the city, you came across a small Italian restaurant. Oh how you longed for something to fill your stomach! You ran over to the back door of the restaurant, you little (h/c) curl bouncing as you toddled.

Finally reaching the door you were a little shaking but you tried to knock. TRIED. You were just going up to the door when you heard yelling and someone panicking in Italian. The large metal door swung open to reveal two men. One had dark chocolate brown hair and deep eyes. He was really loud and swearing a lot. He had a major scowl on his face that kind of scared you. The other had a lighter version of hair color with a tint of red. He seemed to be fumbling with a garbage bag while the loud one yelled at him. But what really caught your eye were that each of them had a strange curl, just like yours.

"Stupid bastardo! I told you to take the garbage out 2 hours ago and I find you napping?!" yelled the loud one. They didn't seem to notice you at all.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Germany had us training late!" blubbered the light haired one. You were slowly stepping back only to fumble over your two bare feet. You bumped into a garbage can which made an obscene amount of noise. The two men looked over to you with shocked expressions.

"M-mi dispiace!" you squeaked trying to stand. The two looked at each other than back to you.

"Ve~ ciao bambina! What are you doing out here?" asked the light haired one coming towards you and helping you up.

You cutely tiltied your head to the side making your curl fall infront of your face.

He realized you could'nt speak english and repeated in italian.

You sniffled as innocent tears filled your big (e/c) orbs. " Io non lo so! Mi sono svegliato qui e mi sono perso e spaventato! [I don't know! I woke up out here and I'm lost and scared!]" you cried flinging yourself into the man arms. He smelt like tomato's and pasta.

"Fratello, look at her hair." said the one with the dark hair. The man turned to you to see you had a curl just like them. "I think she's one of us."

"Ve~! I think so too!" said the man with the light hair. He looked back to you with a big smile.
"Bella! My name is Italy or Feliciano and mi fratello is Romano or Lovino!" he said in Italian. "What's your name bambina?" he asked scooping you up in his arms and hugging you.

" Il mio nome è _______ ummm io sono la città di Venezia! Questo è quello che dice è la mia collana n. [My name is ummm _______ I'm the city of Venice! Thats what is says n my necklace.]" you said whipping the last of your tears away. You showed them the necklace that had everything about you on it. Their eyes widened and italy smiled wide.

"Sorella! [sister!]" he cried with joy. He lifted you up and spinning you around you happiness. Even the man with the scowl smiled a little and pat your head.

You smiled. You finally found a family!  You giggled as you were carried inside. Romano yelled at everyone in the restaurant to go away as he closed up.

"Italy! Come on! ve have training to do!" shouted a loud voice. You gasped and hid in your fratello's shirt, shaking.

"It's okay sorella! That's just Germany! He sounds mean but he's my best friend!" Italy said stroking your hair, trying to calm you down.

A tall German man made his way into the living area where you and Italy were. He had slicked back blonde hair and hard blue eyes. He stopped short when he saw you.

"Italy! Vhat did I tell you about inviting random children off the street to come and play?! Remember vhat happened last time?!" he yelled taking you from him.

You panicked. "F-fratello!" you cried squirming in the tall mans grasp. He froze and thought 'Doesn't fratello mean brother?'

He was about release you and give you back to your now crying older brother when a tomato was flung at his head; which he barely dodged.

"Hands off our sorellina damn potato bastard!" shouted Romano whipping another tomato his way.

"Ja! Ja! I'm letting go! I'm sorry!" he put you back in Italy's warm embrace. He crouched down lower and made eye contact with your tense (e/c) eyes. "I'm sorry about zhat frau," he held out a hand to you and you took it without hesitation, which surprised him being the sister of the two most easily frightened country on Earth. "Germany." he said curtly.

You took him in for a moment before deciding he was good. You smiled at him and shouted "Zio Germany!"

"What the crapola!" shouted big brother Romano. "Not the potato bastard!" he cried. You giggled at his disappointment.

"Ve~ Germany, this is our little sister Venice! Or ______." Italy said happily. Germany nodded and gave you a small smile. He glanced over at the slowly (and dramatically) dying Romano making his way to the ground. You giggled and ran over to him, hugging his leg. Your head barely reaching his knee.

He screeched in surprised making you squeal in laughter. He picked you up and tried to keep the scowl on his face. But it wasn't working for him.

"Hm, it already getting late." Germany stated heading for the door. "You may miss training today because you reunited with your sister. But vill be there tomorrow at zhe meeting!" he walked out of the door.

"Oh no! What will we do with _____?" Italy asked.
Romano thought for a minute then looked at you in his arms. Your big (e/c) eyes beginning to close. He blushed as you snuggled into his chest. "We'll take her with us. If anything, the tomato bastard can look after her there. Besides, everyone should know we finally found our little Veniza." Italy nodded in agreement. He smiled at the small girl now happily snoozing in his arms and pecked her forehead.

"Welcome home sorella."
2 FANFICS IN ONE DAY?! :iconcraycrayplz:
this was the series i was talking about beofore! so pretty much, you are the adorable city of venice and are italy and romano's sister (yes i know you should have been one of their kids but just roll with it) i hope you enjoy it!
:iconylime-cxii: :iconsaysplz: zio GERMANY!!
:icongermanyfacepalmplz: :iconsaysplz: mien gott...
i own nothing but zhe plot line!
:iconitalyplz: and :iconromanoplz: own you!

part 2!!! [link]
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