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November 8, 2013


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You thrashed in the man's arms in a panic.

He tried covering your screaming mouth but you bit his hand.

"Owww!" he whined. "That wasn't nice ________!" he continued.

You began sobbing uncontrollably. Shouting for your brothers. This Romano wanna be got into a large black car. Inside, you saw another man that resembled Italy. But his hair was a darker shade of red and he had violet eyes. Not to mention he looked so scary that one glance his way guaranteed you nightmares.

"Ah, you found her!" the Italy copy said with a grin. He reached out for you but you backed away.

"Where are my brothers you meanies!" you shouted.

"Oh silly little ________," the other Italy leaned in close to your face. "We are your brothers."

"Are not!" you shouted childishly.

"Are too!"  fake Romano shouted back.

The both of you went at it for a few minutes before fake Italy had enough.

"Both of you shut up!" he hissed. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "My name is Luciano. I am Italy's second persona. That happy go lucky nut bar," he gestured to the blonde. "Is Romano's second persona, Flavio."

"I don't believe you!" you stated in a huff.

Luciano growled.  "Driver, step on it!"

-------1p POV---------

Romano was getting tense. It had been 15 minutes since you left to go get a drink.

He ever so kindly excused himself from the table. "I'll be back bastardo's."

"_________?" he called. "__________?" His olive eyes glanced out of the window to see you and his 2p!. His 2p! placed you in a black Porsche and stepped in after.

He raced down the stairs and out the UN doors. "_________!" he shouted he ran towards the car as it began speeding away. "Fuck!" He shouted. Italy came tumbling outside at the sound of his brothers voice.

"They have her!" the elder brother shouted. He turned to his younger and fell to his knees "The 2p!'s took ________!"

Italy stood. Shocked into silence. Yet, tears still managed to fall from his honey eyes as he stood stalk still.

The other countries flooded into the parking lot. Spain came over to Romano and hugged him. For one, the italian did not push him away, but pulled him closer.

The brothers briefed everyone on what happened.

"We have to find her!" said Denmark slamming his fist against the meeting room table. Everyone gathered back inside to formulate a plan to get you back. Lord knows what Luciano's crew will do to you. Especially Lutz. A shiver ran down their spines at the thought.

"If that 2p! potato bastard even breaths on our sorellina I will rip out his lungs and make him eat them!" Romano shouted in protest. Everyone looked slightly afraid of him.

"We need a plan!" America shouted over everyone, taking charge. It was strange for him to actually take control like this.

The cowlicked man pinned up a large map of the city. "They couldn't have gotten that far. Knowing Flavio, he will want to stop for coffee or something," he started to draw lines all over the map.

England and France came to look over his shoulder along with the other Allies. "What if he doesn't-" England started but America shushed him.

"Okay dudes! So we will infiltrate their headquarters right? Then we, as in us Allies, will get inside and will shoot the bad guys like 'pew pew! bang!'-" England smacked him upside the head.

"Focus you twat!"

America laughed nervously. "R-right!" he continued. "The you Axis people get _______ and you Nordic people watch the area and the rest of you too! Help if they try to escape with _______!"

Germany growled in frustration, tried of just hanging back. "Small problem. We don't know where they are!" he shouted.

"Oh...yeah..." America pouted.  

"I have a solution." Austria said calmly, standing from his seat.

"We don't need your fucking help!!" Romano practically screamed. He bolted up from his seat and knocked over his large oak chair.

Austria sighed. "I understand that in the past, I had done something unforgivable to Venice," he looked the Italian brothers dead in the eyes. "But now, I have a way to redeem myself in a way. Please, I can help her."

Romano was panting with rage. Italy came over and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Romano seated himself and growled low in the back of his throat. "Fine. Speak piano bastard."
Hey everyone! So I am back and ready for action. Not really Here is ch6!!

I own nothing but the plot line! and you belong to various sexy men ;)

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